1. Performance of ATLAS Tracking Detector
2. Tracking and Vertexing performance in CMS
3. Performance of the LHCb Tracking Detectors
4. Performance of ALICE Silicon Tracking Detectors

1. Operational Experience with the ATLAS Pixel Detector at the LHC
2. Operation and Performance of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker
3. Operational Issues of the Present CMS Pixel Detector
4. The AMS-02 Silicon Tracker (The Detector after 500 Days in Space)
5. Impact on Radiation on VELO Sensors
6. Operational Issues of Present ATLAS Strip Detector
7. A MAPS Based Pixel Vertex Detector for the STAR Experiment

1. Challenges for the Adaptive Gain Integrating Pixel Detector (AGIPD) Design due to the High Intensity Photon Radiation Environment at the European XFEL
2. Radiation Damage in Diamond Detectors
3. 3D Irradiation Results
4. Radiation Background Simulation and Verification at the LHC and Its Upgrades
5. CMS HPK Sensor Characterisation
6. Radiation Damage to Currently Running LHC Silicon Detectors
7. X-ray Induced Radiation Damage in Segmented p+n Silicon Sensors (for Jiaguo Zhang)

1. Strip Technology and HVMPAS
2. "Why p-type is Better than n-type" or Electric Field in Heavily Irradiated Silicon Detectors
4. “Scribing-Cleaving-Passivation” for High Energy Physics Silicon Sensors

1. First Three-Dimensionally Integrated Chip for Photon Science
2. 3D Integration with TSV
3. Fast, Granular and Ultra-Light Pixelated Double Sided Ladders Based on CMOS Sensors for an ILC Vertex Detector Adapted to the Ultimate Collision Energy
4. Perspectives of 65nm CMOS Technologies for High Performance Front-End Electronics in Future Applications

1. Silicon Charge Detector (SCD) for Cosmic Ray Measurements
2. The SuperB Silicon Vertex Tracker
3. The PANDA MicroVertex Detector:Design and Prototype Results
4. Vertex-Detector R/D for CLIC
5. Tracking and Vertexing for the Heavy Photon Search Experiment
6. A Novel Experiment Searching for the Lepton Flavor Violating Decay μ→eee

1. Belle Tracker Upgrade
2. ATLAS Pixel, Phase 0 (IBL)
3. CMS Pixel Detector Phase I Upgrade Project
4. ATLAS Strip Upgrade
5. CMS Strip Detector Upgrade
6. The LHCb VELO Upgrade
7. The ALICE Inner Tracker Upgrade

1. Development of X-ray 2D Detector for SACLA (SPring-8 Angstrom Compact Free-Electron Laser)
2. Detectors at the LCLS
3. R/D Activities of Silicon Detector in KNU
4. Status of the PLS-II Synchrotron Light Source




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