Micheon Cave (Ilchul Land)

Filled with underground mystery, Micheon Cave has academic, tourism, and cultural value. Fresh air, crystal clear water, green fields, and a secondary volcanic cone (oreum) are nearby. This underground cave is nature awe-inspiring spot that provides an opportunity for contemplating human nature and the future. 
You'll be fascinated with the nature beauty that simply cannot be felt in the city. Micheon Ilchulland Cave, where the new sun is rising, is here to make your tour more enjoyable. 

by Woosuck Jin

Udo (Cow Island)

The island was named "Udo" or "Cow Island" as its contours look like a cow lying down on the ground.
The Cow Island lighthouse is located 132 m high on Someori oreum at the southernmost tip of Cow Island. Sea erosion is easily seen along the coast except for the southern coast and Takjinpo in the northeast. Except for Someori oreum, a secondary volcano of Mt. Halla, the entire island is a lava plateau with a vast and fertile plain. Sweet potatoes, barley, and garlic are the main products of Cow Island. Mackerel, cutlass fish, and abalone can be caught in the sea. Along with raising cows and pigs, it is well-known for the harvesting of sea product by women divers (Haenyeo).

Hyeobjae Beach

This beach features crystal clear water, a beautiful sandy plain with white sand and shells mixed together, a stunning sunset and Biyangdo Island just offshore. Under the blue, shallow water is white sand that makes people feel as if they could walk to the island of Biyangdo.

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